Fig.1 HomeKit Secure Video on devices

Apple Enterprises announced it’s new tech launch widely termed as “HomeKit Secure Video” on June 2019 at their annual WWDC meet acronym of World Wide Developers Conference.

What is HomeKit Secure Video?

The product is a home-based video streaming device that is used for recording as well notifying activities to the user through an iOS app called “Home”.

How is it different from similar apps?

Since, this is built-on iOS by Apple tech lauded to be the most secure and private application compared to it’s competitor apps. In addition, the live video feed which can be viewed from Home app…

Chains of massacre is all that I view, human-ness is left to fend what ceases. In the last few days, a lot has happened around the world, terror at its peak. It is times like this that one tends to look within and ask quantum of questions.

I am a human first, citizen next and then comes everything that follows.

“World has changed”. This might sound like musings of the old. Yes. They have, but change in itself is an exclamation. I grew up listening to tales of prince and princess, especially Cinderella or should I say damsel in distress…

Poverty is not just lack of money

Poverty as a phrase is used to state the condition where a person or a community lacks financial resources for a minimum standard of living. Many research says the main reason for living in poverty is the “Income being too low”. Finance as a whole is just one element of being in poverty, the other conditions include no shelter or housing, water, health, food and medical attention all being inferior. One component has been identified to connect the different pieces into one, known as “Money”. …

Hey, this is my modern day conventional version of the fantasy tale written 3 years ago. Hope you enjoy reading….

Well , all of us have heard and reminisced of the Cinderella story. Imagine a story which deals about the modern day Cinderella and
her Prince charming after the wedding, this is one.

Main Cast :

Rattikka and Satvik (Krish and Niharika's kids)

Additional Cast :
Raymond (Niharika's boyfriend)

Soon after the royal wedding the couple are excited to start their new life. Life goes on smoothly for a period of three months , with
joy and happiness in their life. Little did they realize reality…

Covid-19,has become synonymous with 2020 due to it’s influence on the people from the start of the year. In the history, of mankind we have never felt this restless, but this one person has changed the whole story. From saving ourselves from getting manipulated by this person,to restraining from leave home,we have come a long way. This person has been and still is the talk of the town,in various countries. Many stories of origin of this person,comes a while and now. What we fail to understand,is that there will be an end.

End? Of What?

Many would ask,the questions.


“All that you are is all I’ll ever need”-Ed Sheeran


I have been very much in awe towards this word “LOVE”. I have no idea whether soul mates exist,but have heard few stories thanks to my interest in reading and movies. Most of my teenage days went by reading novels,I was introduced to the genre of romance novels through one of my friends. The first romantic novel I ever read was “Someone like you” by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh.It was a pretty good book,from there started my perusal towards it. I was not somebody who was looking for love,because…

In today’s world most of us are driven by decisions and arguments put forward by others, such as politicians and media. Most of us are emotionally driven and not able to interpret the current situation. We are not capable enough in understanding that this pandemic can occur anytime and sooner it will disappear.The fear of losing our lives,especially our dear ones is what indulges us. There are a lot of common beliefs regarding the spread of corona, with a lot of negativity towards China, where the outbreak started. Many global leaders like the US President have condemned the chinese for…

Many of us are bored due to staying at home.The increasing number of corona infliction has caused major doom on our lives.Gone are the days when we can go out for a chat over coffee or party.Now it’s Quarantine time,stay home stay healthy to stay safe has become the motto of many ads.

What have we done to deserve this?

Oh! It’s a catastrophe.

These are certain statements that we all have come across.True it is a direful period.Now why do we have to stay home, and live an awful bored life.

The main cause of this pandemic is our…


This acronym is much more than just a word




These words describe a mother,whose world are her children. She takes care of her children even before they are born,she carries them in her womb for 9 months nourishing them with love and care.After the birth of baby her solicited treasure,she stays awake day and night to take care of her love without a wink of sleep. There are times where she stood by her child’s bed because here child were sick.

For her I salute bowing my head with respect.

For her I say “Your…

True love never ends

“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations”

Not all stories have happy endings,life is always unfair.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a book filled with actuality of bitter truths,happiness on reading through reminiscence of love,is what the budding novel is all about.It is so intriguing that we relate to the leads , and feel as though we are going through what is happening in the story.

Hazel Grace,the main protagonist of the story has always been isolated and introverted personality.She loves reading which is characterized by her love for the book An Imperial Affliction…

Haripriya R

Enthusiastic Learner and Explorer of different dimensions.

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